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Permanent make-up eyebrows, and micro blading, can be done to permanently fill in
or correct eyebrows. Eyebrow artists create the perfect brow shape for each
individual, incorporating shading and realistic hair-like strokes, mimicking soft
powdered brows, and adding pigment to the needed areas. Unique brow mapping
and styling techniques give an incredibly natural and realistic look that compliments
overall facial beauty.

Eyeliner includes a subtle semi-permanent eyeliner on the eyelid drawn by a makeup
artist using high-quality pigments, adjusting the intensity and thickness of the line
to the client’s desire and personal fit. A defined flick can be added to the end or used
as a smokey eye effect technique. On the other hand, a lash line is a treatment where
tiny microdroplets of high-quality pigment are applied in between each lash to give
the appearance of thick, fluttery lashes. It can be applied to upper or lower lash lines
or both, giving undetectable definition to the eyes and a natural look that makes eyes

Lips make-up can be done in the form of just lip liner or full lips. These procedures
add shape to the mouth, makes them look fuller, define borders, and can add a bow
above the upper lip. The variety of lip treatments covers the need to neutralize the
darkness in the lips, correct asymmetry, and add fullness to the lips. The treatment
enhances the natural shape, tone, and overall beauty of lips, perfecting symmetry
and shade. The bonus is that it stimulates collagen production in the area and offers
the illusion of a slightly fuller lip.

When will I see the results?
The initial results are visible immediately after the treatment. However, the final
color and shape can be assessed after the entire recovery period.

What is the recovery time?
Full healing is complete in 4-8 weeks. After that, the final color and shape can be

How many treatments will I need?
Microblading takes 3 sessions to complete, and permanent makeup eyebrows 2
and the effect can be kept for 1 to 2 years with one correction. On average,
permanent eyeliner lasts 1 to 3 years and is usually completed in 2 sessions. It also
takes around 2 sessions to achieve the desired look for permanent lip makeup, and
the effect lasts last 3 to 5 years