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Candela Gentle Max Pro
The gold standard in removing hair and capillaries from the face and body!
Newly developed, revolutionary, award-winning medical laser number 1 in the world!

Candela Gentle Max Pro is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest powerful laser with extremely high performance in treatment efficiency and speed, ease of use and patient health safety. it’s a consolidated system which provides a series of treatments:

Removal of epidermal pigment lesions,
Restoration of sun-damaged skin,
Removal of freckles (age spots),
Removal of vascular anomalies,
Removal of capillary networks,
Removal of enlarged capillaries from the face and body,
Treatment of pseudofolliculitis of the chin,
Rejuvenation (skin tightening),
Tattoo removal

About Candela Gentle Max Pro machine
Candela Gentle Max Pro is a laser platform with dual-wavelength, which combines the fastest powerful laser with extremely high performance in the efficiency and speed of treatment, ease of use and safety of the patient’s health. The award-winning Candela laser penetrates the hair follicle with its beam and destroys it at its root while at the same time protecting the surrounding skin. It is a dual laser platform that combines the most powerful and fastest 755 nm Alexsandrite laser with a 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser with the goal of high performance treatment in terms of speed, efficiency, ease of use, outstanding capabilities, safety and satisfactory patients.

Our GentleMax Pro laser is the gold standard in fast and painless permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Laser or permanent epilation is a medical, non-invasive and effective method of permanently removing unwanted hair. Beautiful and smooth skin without unwanted hair is the desire of many people who do not want to wax or shave daily.
Newly developed, revolutionary and number 1 in the world – the CANDELA GENTLEMAX PRO laser solves this problem in an effective, fast, and at the same time painless way.
Candidates for permanent laser epilation are women and men from adolescence to old age, patients with unwanted baldness (aesthetic), and patients with excessive baldness.
Laser epilation must not be performed on patients who have epilepsy, vitiligo, lupus or other autoimmune diseases of the connective tissue, as well as those with an implanted pacemaker and pregnant women.

Laser Epilation
Laser hair removal is most effective way of removing unwanted hair, almost from all body parts. During epilation, the hair itself conducts the laser beam to its root, where the hair practically bursts from the heat and thus damages its core. From treatment to treatment, this hair damage becomes larger and larger, and the hair that appears after laser epilation becomes thinner and lighter. With damage to the hair roots, its growth slows down significantly. The laser beam does not recognise other skin structures and passes through them without any damage. For the same reason,can treat only pigmented hair.

The number of session is different for each individual and depends on the hair’s quality and the skin’s discolouration. Three epilation treatments are preferred, and the most common number is four to six treatments. With any treatment, on medicines quarter of the treated hairs are lost. However, we, with any treatment, emphasize that the success of each epilation is individual. If the patient has a hormonal disorder, epilation is less successful.

Preparation for the first treatment consists of not plucking the hair for three to four weeks before coming for the treatment. During this time, you can use depilatory creams, scissors or a razor, and it is enough to see only one millimetre of hai for examination. Also, patients must come for epilation with natural skin colour.

Epilation pain exists when the beam hits the root of the hair. If the patient is hypersensitive, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin. In this way, epilation becomes painless. Also, our CANDELA Gentle Laser belongs to the group of the most comfortable devices for the patient, considering the special technology of cooling the skin with a cryogen immediately before firing the laser beam.

The skin after the epilation treatment is slightly red and sometimes swollen somewhat for the next few hours, usually two to three, and a maximum of 24 hours. After the treatment, it is necessary to avoid applying chemical substances directly to the skin (pomades, creams, deodorants, perfumes, cosmetic masks), wash the skin only with mild soap and do not mechanically irritate the treated area for 24 hours after epilation. Also, after the treatment, it is essential not to expose yourself to the sun and not to go to the solarium.