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Innovative fat-burning therapy

Weight loss without surgery

Lipolysis is a medical injection procedure used to melt localized fat deposits.Treatment is performed to reduce the volumes created by the accumulation of fat cells in certain area. Particular regions are (stomach, hips, legs, knees, arms and chin).

The treatment is performed by injecting directly into localized fat deposits using ultra-thin needles. This causes the reduction of these fat deposits thus reshaping the desired region-stomach, hips, legs, knees, etc. Lipolysis is a safe and less pain procedure that lasts briefly. A series of 3 to 6 treatments is required to achieve the desired effect, and the procedure is repeated after four weeks.

Obtaining a slim figure without cellulite and excess weight is a challenge for most people. A sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and metabolic disorders lead to the formation of fat deposits and the notorious “orange peel”, making it difficult for people to achieve their ideal physical bodies.

After the injection, due to lipolysis occurring in the cells, the volume of the problem area decreases, and the desired effect is achieved relatively quickly.

How does lipolysis work?

Unlike the classic diet, lipolysis results in complete decomposition of the fat cells (adipocytes). Lipolysis causes the decomposition of the fat cell wall and connective barrier, thus preventing fat deposits to accumulate again in the treated region.

  1. Lipolytics cause fat cells to melt and release fatty acids.
  2. Lipolytics hydrolyze fatty acids and thus making them soluble in the liquid.
  3. Fatty acids outside fat cells are a signal for macrophages (body cleaners) to come to the place of action and transport fatty acids to the liver where they are further metabolized.


  • Elimination of fat deposits of 2–15 cm over 3 treatment sessions
  • Painless procedure
  • Convenient use
  • Natural composition
  • Elimination of excess fat in places that are hard to lose with physical exercise
  • Suitable for patients over 18 years old


  • Excessive weight and localization of fat deposits under the skin
  • Destabilization of lipid exchange
  • Cellulit

Treatment areas

  • Chin area
  • Abdomen, lateral folds
  • Inner thigh and knees
  • Shoulders and back
  • Back of hands
  • Contours of the hips and buttocks