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German Collagen Treads Bio Botox is Non-Surgical, non-injectable and completely Topical. Treatment is painless, also has No Down Time and is long-lasting from 4-6 months.

A thin golden thread is applied topically over the desired area (wrinkle) and massaged in with highly concentrated serum.
During this process, the result is immediately visible, reducing the lines without injection. Beautiful and natural and also rejuvenation under Eyes with glowing looks. German Bio Botox has many benefits, including firmness and returning volume, and gives an overall lift. With this treatment, we can help you to stimulate elastin in your skin and improves your glowing.

Benefits of the German Bio Botox

  • Collagen Thread lifting Treatment
  • Immediately visible results
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Perfect natural look & keeps the realistic facial expressions
  • Without pain

This aesthetic treatment is for people that love a natural way to re-age. It removes wrinkles immediately, and the collagen is stimulated for more skin resilience, maintaining its brightening looks.
Men and women can do Bio Botox. It gives you the natural look and feel of Botox without having to inject any toxins into your body.

Treatments take three sessions for a long-lasting result, with two weeks apart each session.
The results can last up to 8 months.
Bio Botox can be refreshed after three months.