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What is Botox and how does it work?

  • Injectable procedure type
  • 20 min of treatment

An ideal treatment for erasing mimic wrinkles without a ‘frozen’ look while preserving the natural appearance of the face.

Botox is the trademarked name for botulinum toxin type A, which nowadays, is not only used in aesthetic medicine, but also in neurology, ophthalmology and other branches of medicine. Botox is a drug that blocks the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction at the neuromuscular synapse level. It is a supreme solution for correcting mimic wrinkles in the upper third of the face (around the eyes, between the eyebrows, on the forehead).

Frequent movements of mimic muscles in the upper third of the face daily “break” the skin, which normally loses its quality and resistance over the years, which over time leads to the appearance of wrinkles and their deepening.

Professionally applied botulinum toxin leads to the correction of existing wrinkles and prevents their deepening, and the skin above them becomes taut, with a preserved natural appearance.

What the procedure looks like?
The procedure is safe, fast and almost painless, with the previous applications of anesthesia in the form of the cream. Injections are performed exclusively by a certified doctor with extensive experience.

When is the result visible?
The effect occurs 3-7 days upon injection and lasts 3-6 months. Is used regularly, the duration increases, as over time we ‘learn’ to use these muscles to a lesser extent.

Aside from this most common use for the correction of forehead wrinkles, as well as the ones around the eyes, Botox can also be used in the excessive sweating therapy, as well as in the correction of other wrinkles on the face and neck (around the lips, gummy smile, on the nose wrinkles on the neck, etc.)

When treatments should not be done?
Botox is not allowed to be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, some neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases, acute infection conditions, etc. To find out whether you are the candidate for Botox treatments, schedule consultations with our team of professionals.

What are Fillers and how do they work?

Juvéderm and Amalia hyaluronic fillers-rejuvenate and achieve phenomenal results with no recovery period.

  • 45 min long treatment
  • Injectable procedure type

Hyaluronic fillers are preparations of hyaluronic acid, by injecting them into certain regions of the face, we add or compensate for lost volume. Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide, the main component of the connective tissue of our body, which has the ability to bind water, which achieves the effect of volume, firmness, smoothness and supports collagen fibers.

The hyaluronic acid found in hyaluronic fillers is in the form of a sterile gel, with a smooth consistency, prepared for injection and is not of animal origin, which minimizes the possibility of allergies to the preparation.

What are hyaluronic fillers used for?
There are hyaluronic fillers of different densities, from light and rare ones that are used to correct dark circles and fill fine, shallow wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes and so-called “smoker’s” wrinkles), to hyaluronic fillers for correcting lips and nasolabial wrinkles, to dense hyaluronic fillers that they are applied deeper and are used to compensate for volume and contour the face, cheekbones and chin and also for jaw-line.

With the age, the amount of the hyaluronic acid (and thus moisture) in the skin decrease, which can lead to the skin losing its radiance and suppleness. Aging also affects deeper tissues.

For what purposes can we use hyaluronic fillers?
Hyaluronic acid can be used for the following:

  • filling and correcting wrinkles
  • cheekbone contouring (top model look)
  • dark circle correction
  • lip augmentation and contouring
  • lip rejuvenation
  • correction of “smoking” wrinkles around the lips
  • chin and jaw line contouring
  • full-face approach – lifting of a relaxed face (8-point lift, 7/9 point shape).

What does the choice of hyaluronic filler depend on?
The choice of hyaluronic filler depends on the condition of the skin and the purpose of the hyaluronic filler.

How long do hyaluronic fillers last?
Our body has the enzyme hyaluronidase, which gradually breaks down both our own hyaluronic acid in the skin and the applied hyaluronic filler. The duration of hyaluronic fillers is from 9 to 24 months; it depends not only on the density of the filler, but also on the general state of the body, metabolism, skin condition, physical activity and lifestyle in general.

Is the procedure safe?  What preparations are used?
We use exclusively registered hyaluronic fillers from prestigious companies (Amalia / Juvederm), and the injections are performed by a certified and experienced doctor. The treatment is safe, quick and almost painless, with the mandatory application of anesthesia in the form of a cream. You can go back to your daily activities instantly after the treatment.

In addition to hyaluronic fillers, which our body breaks down with the help of its own hyaluronidase enzyme, there are numerous non-degradable, inexpensive and unsafe fillers on the market nowadays, which our body cannot break down. By countering them, it creates connective tissue around those permanent fillers, moving them away from where they had been injected. In this way, a large number of patients develop deformities and the aesthetic result transforms a few years after the injection.

Thus, for your safety, it is essential that you use only registered hyaluronic fillers, which are natural ingredients of our body, and avoid permanent, non-degradable fillers.

When should this treatment not be done?
It is forbidden to use hyaluronic fillers during pregnancy, breastfeeding, as well as in case of autoimmune and acute infectious diseases. A week prior to the intervention, you should avoid drugs such as aspirin and other drugs that prolong the bleeding time, as well as the intake of large doses of vitamin C.

To find out if you are a candidate for this treatment, schedule a consultation with our expert doctor.