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LC Cell Human Growth Factors

LC Bright
LC Bright is an FDA approved product. It is a Unique product to treat sun damage and dark spots in the skin by targeting the main cause of hyperpigmentation and controlling melanin production. This is a group of proteins, naturally produced by stem cells in our body to maintain and rebuild the cells. Grow Factors stimulate collagen production, also enhance blood circulation which provides skin with oxygen. Suppress inflammation which is the cause of hyperpigmentation.


  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Dark circles
  • Dark spots around mouth
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Hyperpigmentation in a sensitive area

LC Renew
LC Renew main role is regenerating and rebuilding cells of the skin, even ability to heal wound and minimize the risk of scar formation. Perfect for rebuilding collagen and elastin layers. LC Renew increases skin rejuvenation, giving it silk appearance and hydration. A perfect solution for skin aging, post acne scars, wound healing and skin rejuvenation.


  • Acne Scars
  • Anti-aging of Face, Neck and Hands
  • Burn scars, post-operation scars
  • Wide pores, fine lines and fine wrinkles
  • Stretch marks and cellulite

LC Hair
LC Hair treatment is for recovering hair fall, repair scalp damaged cells and restore hair strength. Giving you Healthy, Thick and Long hair. The role of the Human Growth Factors is not only in skin but also in hair since they repair damaged cells in hair scalp and restore hair follicles strength and thickness. LC hair treatment enhance epidermal thickness of the scalp, also blood circulation which provides the hair follicle with oxygen. Stimulate collagen and elastin production for better hair anchoring.


  • Hair Fall
  • Repair scalp damaged cells
  • Strengthens hair